Sub Hunter Pro 53

Great job by the GBLC team at @submissionhunterpro 54. We always represent our team and community at the highest levels of Jiu Jitsu competition. The support of our Gracie Barra Lake Charles community is unmatched in victory or defeat. Each member of the Gracie Barra team contributes to the success of all of our members. Also, Congrats to all the competitors who participated last night.
#everydayporrada @ Humble Civic Center Arena109272662_2746329772278148_227929998752451256_o114181035_2746329828944809_2908423585463691780_o110080866_2746329518944840_8050303413231253478_o109237953_2746329875611471_2931426098139968047_o115910113_2746329715611487_3340079093795664677_o109736022_2746329655611493_6736182039282115578_o109083311_2746329472278178_375384318490962360_o